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Retired Livestock Sponsorship Program

Make a Difference, Become a Sponsor Today!


Do you want to make a difference in the life of a retired farm animal? If so, Redhaven's Retired Livestock Sponsorship Program provides the opportunity for compassionate supporters to contribute to the care and safe keeping of retired livestock.

Meet Abraham!

Let us introduce you to Abraham, our Berkshire cross boar. Mr. Abe is part of Redhaven’s legacy breeding program, and is the spitting image of our original Queen Pig, Pearl. Abraham was farrowed (that's pig language for "born") in 2019. He's a gentle giant and loves back scratches and hanging out with the lady pigs, chickens, and horses. When we say he's a giant, we mean it! Our best guess is that he weighs about 1,000 pounds, and stands about waist high. 


Aside from being a big handsome goof, Abraham had an important job on the farm- creating piglets. Over the years, he worked hard at his job and produced lots of beautiful piglets. Although he is still young, he is no longer able to do his job-- he tries, but is no longer fertile. In most cases, infertile farm animals do not have a place on a working farm. However, Abe is an adored member of Redhaven Farms, and with YOUR help, we can get creative and provide Abraham with a long and content retirement on the farm.

Abraham Likes to Eat!

Retirement is Expensive! Mr. Abe eats about 6 pounds of high quality milled grains per day. That’s over 180 pounds of food per month! Good nutrition comes at a cost, and we spend over $75 per month just to feed this big boy. In addition, we provide routine medical care, vaccinations, and plenty of straw bedding to keep Abraham cozy. We are asking you to contribute to Abraham’s care and safekeeping by becoming a sponsor today- Abraham would love to call you his sponsor!


Levels of Sponsorship

Redhaven's Retired Livestock Sponsorship Program offers three levels of sponsorship, Helping Hands, Junior Farmer, and the Redhaven Circle. Each level of sponsorship shines a light of compassion into Abe's life and we encourage you to contribute at the level that is right for you! 


Sponsorships also make great gifts. Consider purchasing a sponsorship for a friend or family member. Sponsorships are a unique gift that make a difference! 

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