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Jenny and Stephen Madkour local farmers in Oregon City
Meet the Farmers

Redhaven Farms was established by Stephen and Jenny in 2012. We are professionals by day, and farmers at night and on the weekends. We enjoy getting our hands dirty, hard work, and continuous improvement. We treat our animals like members of the family- and we love our family!

Local and Sustainable  

Our boutique farming operation in Oregon City incorporates sustainable practices, rotational grazing, and uses locally milled feed. We are small, and we plan to stay that way- this allows us to give each animal the individual attention they deserve. 

Redhaven farms grass fed beef in Oregon City
Redhaven Farms heritage pork retirment livestock sponsorship
Raised Naturally

At Redhaven Farms, pigs get to be pigs! They roam the pastures, bask in the sun, and wallow in the mud. They live in a family unit, and benefit from the mental and physical stimulation of pasture living. 

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