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Muscovy Ducklings- under 2 weeks

Waitlist: We have a waitlist for Muscovy ducklings. Please contact us to get on the waitlist and for more information. 


Redhaven's Muscovy ducks have gorgeous color and sweet temperment. Our ducks range in color from blue, black, chocolate, barred, and pied. It's difficult to tell the color and sex of ducklings, but we'll do our best to match you up with the perfect flock.

Muscovy ducks are are not mallard-derived, and are more like a goose than a duck. They are quiet and friendly, they forage feed and hunt flies (seriously), are weather hardy, and produce fabulous eggs and the best duck meat ever. What's not to love!?


Did I mention they are quiet? Muscovy are "quackless" ducks and make great neighbors for urban environments. They make quiet hissing and cooing sounds and do not "quack" like your other domestic duck breeds.

Males are notably larger than the females. Males will average out to 10-15 pounds while the females stay small, about 6-8 pounds.

Unsexed and under two weeks, $20.00. Price goes up as they grow.

Muscovy Ducklings

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