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Redhaven Farms occasionally offers juvenile and adult Muscovy ducks.

Pricing is $45 and up for females, and $30 and up depending on age, sex, and color. 


Muscovy ducks are one of the few breeds that are not mallard-derived. They are closer related to a goose than they are a duck! They are quiet and friendly, they forage feed and hunt flies (seriously), are weather hardy, and produce fabulous eggs and the best duck meat ever. What's not to love!?

Did I mention they are quiet? Muscovy are "quackless" ducks! They make quiet hissing and cooing sounds and do not "quack" like your other domestic duck breeds. Although they like water, they don't need it, so they are great additions to backyard urban flocks. 

Males are larger than the females. Males will average out to 10-15 pounds while the females stay small, about 6-8 pounds. 


Adult Muscovy Duck

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