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Pork! The Perfect Holiday Gift!

Heritage Pork Shares

Give the gift of locally rasied heritage pork this holiday season!

A gift of a whole or 1/2 pork share includes an invitation to Redhaven farms in January to view our baby piglets!

Our 2017 Berkshire pigs were born and bred at Redhaven. They are raised naturally and humanely- no antibiotics!. These pigs are healthy, happy, and raised with love.

Berkshire pork is different from “the other white meat” that’s generally available in stores. Berkshires are a heritage breed that are often referred to as the Kobe beef of pork. Berkshire pork is known for juiciness, flavor and tenderness, and meat that is pink-hued and heavily marbled.

A 1/2 share is generally around 90 pounds hanging weight. You can expect about 60 pounds of prime commercial cuts (66% of hanging weight) of take home pork. If you take the pig nose to tail (including the hocks, soup bones, lard, liver, jowls, head, trotters and more), there is about 80 pounds (88% of hanging weight) to take home.

The following website provide some good information on buying pork shares: Buying a Whole Pig

Estimated Cost:

Pork is estimated at $4.95 per pound hanging weight, plus butcher fees.

Butcher fees are payable to the butcher at the time of pickup. You’ll work directly with the butcher to discuss how your meat will be cut and processed. The butcher cut/wrap fee is estimated at .53-.55 per pound, curing is .72 per pound.

If you want to start smaller, please inquire about freezer packs and gift boxes.

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